22 complete live Dragon Tiger tips and strategies

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22 complete live Dragon Tiger tips and strategies

Dragon Tiger is a live casino game that is considered to be a combination game of baccarat and casino war. It is important that players understand both games in order to play the game.

The popular table game has only two cards: one dealt to the tiger hand and the second to the dragon hand. Even though the rules of live Dragon Tiger casino games are simple and straightforward, it still helps to keep in mind the following valuable tips. These games are somehow similar to other online live casino games but different.

If you get the following tips and strategies, then the winning rate is definitely high. Let’s follow the following list of LW tips and strategies:

1. Know the rules of the game

The most basic rules for winning at any table. Because you must master the rules of Dragon Tiger. How clever and how good a strategy can not be applied effectively if you do not understand the law. From there, it remains lost.

2. understand the betting types of Dragon Tiger

  • Main bets
    Tiger: If the Tiger is worth more in a round, the player betting on the Tiger table wins.
    Dragons: If the dragons are worth more in a round, the player betting on the dragons wins.
    Tie: Players can also bet on ties, and they only win if the round ends in a tie.
  • Side Bets
    Odd/Even: Players can also bet on odd or even numbers, but not both. In this case, the player guesses whether a particular card is an odd or an even number.
    Suit: In this type, the player can bet on any of the four suits – clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. The player can bet up to three suits at a time, instead of all four. If the player guesses the suit to come up, he wins triple the bet.

3. Learn about the betting options and payouts for Dragon Tiger

Betting on Dragon – 1:1 odds – if the result is a draw, the player wins 50% of the bet.
Betting on Tiger hands – 1:1 odds – if the result is a draw, the player wins 50% of the bet.
Betting on a tie – 8:1 – if the hands (Dragon and Tiger) are of equal value, i.e. the same hand value
Odd Bet – 1:1 – When you bet on a Dragon hand (left) or a Tiger hand (right) with an odd number, you lose the bet if the result is 7.
Even Bet – 1:1 – When you bet on a Dragon hand (left) or a Tiger hand (right) with an even number, if the result is 7, you lose the bet.
Spade Suit – 3:1 – You bet on either the Dragon or Tiger spade suit.
Heart Suit – 3:1 – You bet on either the Dragon or Tiger heart suit.
Club Suit – 3:1 – You bet on a Dragon or Tiger for the Club suit.
Diamond Suit – 3:1 – You bet on either Dragon or Tiger for the Diamond suit.

4. Start with smaller bets

One of the best pieces of advice in any casino game is that you must start with small bets. This way, you will be able to learn the game properly without losing too much money. Once you have mastered the game, you can move on and get bigger bonuses and have a chance to win big.

5. Bet only on Dragon Tiger

Betting only on the Dragon Tiger slots, which have an equal winning percentage of 50-50, will give you bonuses on both places. If you insist on betting on ties in search of luck to get a huge prize, you are at great risk.

6. Don't bet on draws

Tie games usually have a high payout rate: 1 win and 8 losses. But there is also a lot of risk, with the house edge being as high as 32.77%. That’s why very few players win when betting on ties. There are a total of 86,320 different card combinations, of which only 6,488 have the ability to draw cards. Therefore, that leaves 79,872 times you will lose. According to the statistics, only 1,456 draws have been won.

This is the main reason why it is very difficult and rare for a player to win. It can be done, but the player must know his strategy in order to succeed.

7. Tie bets

This is the riskiest LW bet. You need to watch 20 to 30 games and record the results before deciding to go through this door. If the probability of a draw is higher than 30% (i.e. at least 3 draws per 10 games), then you can safely draw the next 10 games.

If the probability of returning to the gate is below 30%, certain brothers should not be placed.

Since draws pay 1 to 8, you will definitely lose if at least 1 (12.5%) result does not return to this door after every 8 games. Therefore, you need to keep track of your betting history in order to know the probability of winning before placing a bet.

8. Focus on the suit

Another LW strategy that people often talk about is useful when you are trying to practice suits. The luck element of the game of Dragon Tiger is not addressed. Because on the contrary, it is not a game of luck at all, and betting on it is irrelevant.

However, you can use LW strategies to improve your odds. One of them is to manage the number of lawsuits that have been processed, including the most processed lawsuits.

The more you know how many suits have been executed and in how many suits, the more you will know which suits remain in the set. This means that you can bet on those suits because there is a good chance that those suit cards will be played next.

For example, you should calculate the number of cards in the suit and the number of decks used up to now. Assuming your estimates indicate that after a period of time, the club suits have the lowest volume; your next best option is to bet on clubs.

9. Big, Small and Odd/Even Bets

The Big Small bet is another possible side bet for the player. In this side bet, the player chooses whether a particular card is greater than or less than 7. If that card is exactly equal to 7, then the bet loses. The house edge for this bet is 7.69%.
Odd/Even is another bet where, as the name implies, the player predicts whether the card will be odd or even. Not all casinos offer this side bet. 10.

10. Consider Live Dragon Tiger Card Counting

There are not many cards in this game, so players can count the cards dealt. This is due to the simplicity of the game and the small number of cards used for the LW casino games. In addition, the bettor can monitor the number of 7’s dealt. The reason for this is that no matter what bet you choose to place, as soon as a seven is drawn, you lose.

11. Guess the outcome by looking at the picture

If you are a keen and observant person, you will surely be able to read the dealer’s rules easily and thus win. Therefore, when playing, you should look at the way the dealer deals the cards in order to predict the winner of consecutive games. Then, decide which side to bet on based on that result.

12. Limiting the combination of betting strategies

Many players believe that a combination of different betting methods in LW games is a good strategy to win more easily. However this method has never been tested by any player, so it is best not to think too much about it with the intention of applying this betting strategy.

13. Watching the dealer deal

When you first start playing LW, don’t rush into placing bets without having analyzed and devised a specific strategy at all. What players need to do is to take the time to observe the dealer deal and find out the rules.

Remember to keep track of the results of each game so that you can make accurate betting decisions in the next game. Once you have figured out the rules of the game and your own way of playing, place your bets. One thing you can be sure of is that your win rate will be higher than it would be if you had no information at all.

14. Learn to observe and guess the results

Usually, LW results are returned in a series.

A good player is a player who has the ability to make quick judgments and observations. Therefore, judging the results, understanding the specific rules of the game, and monitoring the bets are essential requirements. So when sitting at the table, the player will be very confident and predict the direction of the next round of results.

For example, when placing a bet, Dragon’s first game is won with a J, Q, K hand. The player can choose the outcome as Tiger and if Tiger loses 3 or 6 games then Dragon wins. Next, the player must pay more attention to the next bets. Whenever the player sees that the Dragon won the Tiger in the previous game with the same result as the above example, the next game should be bet on the Dragon.

15. Control yourself while playing

Self-control is the key for players to get good results when playing Dragon Tiger online. If players do not master themselves, it is easy to lose control of the outcome in the game. In case you lose, you will try to remove the money you lost, which will only end up costing you more money. While winning, the more you want to get more winnings. However, Dragon Tiger is a game of luck, so your risk is high. If you can control yourself, you will master the game Dragon Tiger online and become a winner.

16. Choose a reputable dealer to play with

Most Dragon Tiger players play for entertainment purposes in their free time. Therefore, choose the most reputable house edge for yourself to trust and your free time becomes most complete.

17. Increase the chances of winning by placing a bet

If a player places a valid bet, the prize will gradually increase. The game of Dragon Tiger is very risky and placing a reasonable bet will increase the player’s chances of winning.

Depending on the bettor’s needs, bets can be placed at a capital ratio of 1:2:4:8 or 1:3:6:9. These odds can be attractive and have been used and passed on by many previous players. Making money in this way is very effective. However, if a player wishes to receive the same amount of reward for a win, remember to split the bet into equal parts.

18. Dragon Tiger games are not affected by the betting system

If someone suggests you to consider using a betting system in Dragon Tiger casino games, please try to crush this idea. No one has achieved great success in the famous table games by using betting systems. Therefore, take yourself out of the pressure and just play the game using the tips shared so far.

Usually, a reputable casino advantage will provide players with enough information about the rules or how to pay and how to deposit. All information is transparent and clear. Keep in mind that these things chosen for yourself are reputable house advantages for participating in LW games.

19. Choose a reliable dealer to play Dragon Tiger

Most of the LW players play for relaxation purposes when they are at leisure. So pick the most beneficial house advantage for yourself to settle your responsibilities and learn Dragon Tiger tips here. Your rest season also boosts the most perfect. The famous house edge usually provides players with enough knowledge about the rules or game play. All data is true and accurate. Remember that choosing for yourself is a profitable casino advantage to participate in Dragon Tiger casino games online.

20. Choosing the right casino

As a popular game, Dragon Tiger is available at several online casinos. If this is good for you, it can also leave you confused about which platform to choose. You need to keep in mind that only the best casinos are chosen here. The main points you can keep in mind when choosing a casino are

Banking options
House cuts
Various games

21. Manage your money

Since Dragon Tiger is a very fast-paced game, players sometimes have a hard time catching up. The lively nature of the game causes players to sometimes lose track of time and even forget about their money. While it is vital to be fully focused on the game and the action of the dealers, players should also keep in mind that their money is up to date. Don’t let the flow of the game get in the way of your betting decisions, and always know when to quit.

22. Look for special offers

Most of the online casino platforms in the Philippines offer special deals for new users. In Philippines, there are some offers for existing players. Before you decide which site you want to bet on, check the offers offered by the site and check if you qualify.

Most newcomers to online gambling often miss out on the offers offered by various platforms. These bonuses can be huge for those who are just starting out.

Obviously, one of the easiest games to play is the Dragon Tiger casino game. The popular live casino games depend a lot on luck rather than strategy. Dragon Tiger is a great game for beginners and those who don’t want to learn complicated strategies. Using the tips and strategies above, you will be playing like a pro in no time.

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