How to Play 7 Stud Poker Video Poker


7 Stud Poker video poker reorganizes some of the conventional video poker aspects to produce something genuinely unique and interesting. The game does not use a draw round and has seven cards rather than five. However, your knowledge of probability and betting skills will play a significant role in determining how well you will perform in the game.

Most video poker varieties, such as Jacks or Better, cling to the fundamental game. The player is dealt five cards in games like this. They then have one more chance to reject cards in favor of others that will, hopefully, improve their hand. This is known as the draw round, and once completed, the hand is finished.

7 Stud Poker Video Poker

Unlike traditional video poker, 7 Stud Poker video poker involves many betting rounds. Furthermore, your cards are exposed gradually, making it difficult to determine what kind of hand you have. Normal video poker does not conceal your cards in this manner. In terms of gameplay, though, many of the same rules apply to 7 Stud Poker video poker. You’ll still be considering the chances of certain hands appearing in a deck of 53 cards (52 plus the joker). However, these probabilities will determine how you play the hand in terms of placing additional bets.

However, due of the unknown elements surrounding it, 7 Stud Poker video poker might be a bit of a terrifying proposition for seasoned video poker players. Most video poker games feature a set payback percentage that you can use to your advantage. Those that play 7 Stud Poker video poker must do so without that information because the actual return is determined by the unknown variable of how much the player will bet at each turn.

Basic Video Poker

7 Stud Poker video poker differs enough from basic video poker that we must discard the basic video poker manual. Still, it’s worth briefly discussing basic video poker, if only to demonstrate how 7 Stud Poker video poker differs from it. Here’s a fast, step-by-step breakdown:

  • To begin, you insert money into the machine (or, if using a betting website, you create an online account).
  • You place a bet, usually between one and five coins per hand, with five being generally suggested due to the payout proportions.
  • You are dealt five cards from a regular 52-card simulated deck (53 if the game adds a joker).
  • To construct the finest winning hand possible, you can replace any or all of the cards in your hand with fresh ones from the deck.
  • The computer draws, adds coins to your account (if your hand was successful), and concludes the hand.
  • When you still have credits, you can start the procedure over if you want to play another hand, or you can cash out at any time.

Many gamblers like video poker because it combines the greatest characteristics of both table games and slot machines. You can play the machine without feeling pressured by other gamblers, just like you would with slot machines. However, you gain the advantage of being able to make strategic decisions that affect play and winnings, just as you would if you were playing table games.

7 Stud Poker Video Poker Gameplay

As you can see, basic video poker is based on the card game five-card draw. 7 Stud Poker video poker, on the other hand, is quite similar to 7-card stud poker. If you’ve played that game at home or at a casino before, you might be able to pick up on this intriguing video poker twist right away.

The main distinction between 7 Stud Poker video poker and other variations of the game is that there is no draw phase. Instead, your approach will center on the types of wagers you place throughout the hand as the seven cards are revealed. Let’s walk over the process step by step, with a sample hand in between.

Creating a Bankroll

When you put money into a 7 Stud Poker video poker machine, it serves as your starting bankroll. As you play, it will grow and fall in terms of credits or coins, with one credit equal to the game’s denomination. In most circumstances, you can base your bankroll on the premise that you will most likely be wagering five coins per hand. However, 7 Stud Poker needs you to be considerably more flexible in terms of how much you will wager per hand. It could be equal to or less than five coins at times, but it could also be considerably more.

As a result, you should think long and hard about your options.

Making Your First Bet

One of the first key decisions you must make when playing 7 Stud Poker video poker is this. In most video poker games, you would simply place the maximum bet on every hand (if you were wise). It’s an autopilot response in which you don’t have to stop and think about each hand.

However, with 7 Stud Poker video poker, you may want to consider altering the size of your wager. To begin with, there is no advantage to betting five coins in the pay table. Most video poker games give a royal flush more aggressively with five coins played than with one through four, but this game does not.

Furthermore, if the cards are in your favor, you may decide to increase your wager later in the hand. For example, if you only wager two coins to begin, you can still increase your total bet to five coins by betting one coin in each of the next three rounds.

Remember that your first wager will determine the limit for how much you can bet in following rounds of betting. For example, if you only bet three coins to begin, you cannot risk five coins in any subsequent round. You should also be aware that you can stop betting at any time, which means you may be able to reduce your betting.

The Deal

When you place your first bet in 7 Stud Poker video poker, you will be dealt seven cards. The problem is that only two of these cards are exposed at first. You can only assume what’s going on with the five cards that haven’t been shown.

Let’s look at how this might play out. Assume the first seven-card deal revealed the following hand:

Card with Jack and Queen of Hearts

This is a promising start. While it isn’t a perfect pair, the two cards are sequential and suited. And, as a jack and queen, they keep the possibility of a royal flush alive, which is the highest paying hand in the game, alive.

First Round of Betting

This is when strategy comes into play. At this point, you have the option of wagering as many coins as your first bet. You can see another card if you place at least a coin stake.

Alternatively, you can simply hit “deal all,” and the remaining five cards will be shown all at once. You will be graded based on whether the seven cards form one of the winning hands on the paytable.

Keep in mind that there is no way to keep the hand alive at this stage (or in the next round) without placing a bet.

You must place a bet in order for a single card to be revealed; else, the remaining cards will be turned over. In other words, you cannot “check” as you would in table poker.

Given that the hand is off to a good start, you should probably place some form of bet to keep the hand alive and see the next card. Assume you do so and receive the following card as your next reveal:

A Queen of Diamond

While you did not add another heart, you did couple up your queens, which is a positive sign. Suddenly, the likelihood of a four or even a five of a kind increases.

Round Two of betting

Round two is essentially the same as round one. You will be able to bet as much or as little as your first stake to reveal another card. You can also stop betting and deal the remaining cards.

But, in this situation, the hand is coming up nicely. You decide to choose another card and place the necessary wager. Here is what you get:

A Nine of Hearts

It’s an additional heart, which is a good thing. And, while it isn’t directly related to the other two, you now have three cards to a straight flush, which is another lucrative hand.

Round three of betting

This is the final round of betting for 7 stud poker video poker. You already know that the remaining three cards in the hand will be revealed next. However, you can increase your stake if it is equal to or less than your first bet.

Again, because of the seeds forming in this hand, it makes sense to increase the bet in some way. You can also choose not to do so and simply have the final three cards shown without increasing your wager.

Let us now look at the big reveal:

A joker and a three of diamond

Things become more fascinating now that the joker is engaged. Because the joker is a wild card, it can be used in place of any other card in the deck. The joker is whatever card generates the best results for the hand.

Let’s take another look at the hand. Without the joker, that hand falls short of what is required to be a winning hand. However, the joker gives you a straight flush in the following manner:

Nine of Hearts, Ten of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, and the Joker (who later becomes King of Hearts)

You have created one of the most profitable hands in the game. That means you can look at the pay table (shown below) to see what you’ve won.

As you can see, gradually disclosing the cards necessitates putting more money into the hand. However, having more money at stake boosts your chances of winning large if you hit a huge hand.

7 Stud Poker Video Poker Pay Tables

How can you know how much you’ll win in 7 Stud Poker video poker if you create specific hands? It all boils down to the salary scale. It displays the total number of winnings for each stake.

Consider the following pay table for 7 Stud Poker video poker:

7 Stud Poker video poker reorganizes some of the conventional video poker aspects to produce something genuinely unique and interesting. The game does not use a draw round and has seven cards rather than five.

It’s important to note that this pay table only goes up to five coins, which is the standard for video poker. However, when playing 7 Stud Poker video poker, your bet might easily reach that amount. This is due to the fact that you can bet numerous coins in each of the three additional betting rounds in addition to the first hand.

As a result, the odds for that particular hand should be determined by the first column (“1 Coin”). You can then multiply those chances by the number of coins you’ve played.

Pros and Cons of 7 Stud Video Poker

✔ Pros

☑ In terms of strategy, there is less to be concerned about.

☑ Extra bets can be used to max out good hands.

☑ With seven cards in play, enormous hands are possible.

✖ Cons

☒ Some people may prefer more control over gaming.

☒ There’s no notion what to expect in terms of payback.

☒ With numerous betting rounds, it can become costly.


It is critical to pay close attention to your opponents’ cards in 7 Stud Poker. For example, if you have a straight draw with K♣Q♦J♥10♠

If, however, you already have three aces on the table, you will only be drawing from one ace and the other nines in the deck. If a player folds the case ace and you are ignorant of it, you may be overestimating your chances in the hand.

Some diehard video poker players may find 7 Stud Poker too strange, but it can be highly profitable if you can nurture a solid hand with consistent plays. Look for it in your casino or on your favorite betting website as a delightful change of pace from the norm.