Baccarat Hack : KawBet online casino

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Baccarat Hack : KawBet online casino

The use of table change to crack the casino live baccarat

The use of table change to crack the casino live baccarat
The first thing you must know is that baccarat is not a game that can be profitable for a long time by inspiration. I have seen many gamblers who have had a short time in baccarat and once they have tasted the sweetness, they will not be able to stop and will eventually spit back all the winnings. The more you win in a short time, the more you will end up spitting because…they always believe that there will be a day when they will be powerful again and turn back. The 100-year body…

The evolution of online baccarat

Now the information is more and more developed, we no longer need to go into the casino to play baccarat, online casino casino casino search a bunch of casino, these online casino in order to win the trust of players, from the early computerized paired cards, to the later mechanical arm, to the mainstream now live paired cards, all the progress is just to make you believe that they are fair.

Yes, from the basic concept of baccarat, you can say that live baccarat is fair I have no problem with it, but it actually hides a more terrible trap than “unfair” in it.

How to play baccarat in casino for veterans

The first thing is that they don’t join the table in the middle of the day, they must join when the deck of cards (containing 8 decks of cards) is updated, and then start recording from the first hand; then they look at the road and play the cable, before the way is clear they will use the banker and the player to press the minimum bet at the same time. The definition of baccarat breakage varies from house to house and is based on experience. Some people think that baccarat breakage is only considered breakage when the big road is broken, others think that it starts from the bottom three roads, and others will look at the timing of the breakage and continue as long as it is not all broken; after the breakage is confirmed and the bet is abandoned, usually baccarat veterans will The best way to get the most out of the game is to get the most out of the game.

We are not going to talk about the credibility of these road reading and playing, the fact is that road reading and playing are the result of experience and statistics, and they do have some reference value, but the point is, for you who are still reading this baccarat article, even if I teach you how to read the road now, you will “only draw but not push”, and you are not going to sit on your butt at the table like these veterans; and I want to tell you a The hard truth is, these professional veterans who can now sit at the baccarat table and take their time to make profits, they have already paid their tuition fees and may not be able to win back in another 20 years; so, believe me, you are too slow to start learning how to read the road now.

What is the difference between real baccarat and casino baccarat?

The basic rules of real baccarat and casino baccarat are the same, and there are only two superficial differences, one is that in casino you have to move your feet if you want to change the table, while in real baccarat you only have to move your fingers to point the mouse, and the second is that in casino you will be kicked up if you sit at the table without betting (so veterans will use the lowest pressure on each of the bankers to keep their right to sit at the table), but you can still stand at the table The actual baccarat will be kicked up if you don’t bet on two, but you won’t be able to see how the game is going when you are kicked up.

The real difference between real baccarat and casino baccarat

In fact, it is not only live baccarat, but also live blackjack, which allows you to sit in front of the computer comfortably with the cold air and music to play cards, and also offers you all kinds of directions, and is not even afraid of you to take a pen and paper to record. The actual fact is that they are so emboldened. If it is said that the way to play cable is the crystallization of experience and statistics, real baccarat is the crystallization of science and magic, they do not have to rely on cheating, baccarat only need to be in a set of 8 deck of cards, draw off 2 A for 2 K can make the results of the sky change; of course, if you consider the cheating techniques, for example, only in the front of the card box hidden must kill the life of the card, as long as it shows the deck of cards pressure bet on the side of the big If you’re looking for a way to get the best out of your life, you can take out the hidden cards to cheat and make up for it until you get to 0 points.

You will be able to crack live baccarat

The first thing you need to know is that live baccarat is profitable for amateur gamblers like you, not those professional gamblers who can read the road, because amateur gamblers are always the biggest customers of the casino, so they do not need to deliberately break the road, but when the odds change, the road must also be easier to break; in addition, you must know a very important baccarat concept, baccarat because of the different rules of the banker and the player to make up the cards. The more 4s there are, the easier it is to open a banker, and the less 4s there are, the easier it is to open a player. For the average baccarat player, in addition to the fact that 4s are less likely to be found, psychologically most amateur players like to press the player more than the banker, because the intuitive reaction is that the player will want to confront the casino as the “banker” and not be drawn 5% when the player wins. The water money.

The truth is, when the baccarat odds have not been changed, it takes about 16,000 decks of cards to open before the banker comes to a stable value that matches their original odds, and even if the odds are changed by adding 4 (I’m not saying that the added cards must be 4, but 4 can make the biggest difference, so we use the increase of 4 to calculate, if the increase or decrease is If other numbers are added or subtracted, the change in odds is even slighter), an 8-deck set can produce an average of 68 sets of valid results (minus the cut cards, which is about 4 to 6 sets), and the average dealer can only win 0.2-0.4 more times in a set, which is a change you won’t feel when you press the dealer.

What we want to catch is a holistic change and we target the parts that are easy to see visually.

Baccarat long idle chance will be reduced, as long as you see 6 consecutive idle to bravely chop the dragon, if the chips more abundant players from 5 even can chop up, from 6 even idle open to 8 even idle only less than 4% of the incidence, that is, you chop 100 times, will be successful 96 times.

When baccarat appears to jump between the two consecutive (leisure leisure Zhuang Zhuang leisure Zhuang Zhuang) more than 6 times the plate road, baccarat break leisure and increase the chance of Zhuang with the number of times between the two jumps will continue to increase, 6 times will come to about 75%, that is, when the sixth jump between the two at this time you press Zhuang have a 75% chance of victory, baccarat even if it fails, the next hand and then press Zhuang your success rate has been as high as 80%, the composite success rate of the two The success rate of the two is 95%, that is to say, every 100 times you press, will succeed 95 times; if the 6th time between the two jumps is jumping idle, then you wait for the 7th time to do it again, at this time the compound success rate has nearly 99%.

When there is a set of cards in Baccarat, “Player win – Banker win” is greater than 12, the chance of Banker win is about 2 times of Player win, that is, after this situation you press Banker, you can win 2 out of every 3 cards, even if Baccarat fails, when this number is greater than 14, the chance of Banker win is more than 3 times of Player win, that is to say, as long as you lose 2 consecutive bets, you have a 97% chance of not losing and a 73% chance of winning. 73% chance of winning.