Baccarat Roads Guidelines To Make Your Bets


Perhaps you’ve ever played baccarat, you’ve probably seen grids with red and blue circles, dots, and lines. These are referred to as baccarat roads or roadmap scorecards, and they can be extremely perplexing. We will tell you everything you need to know about baccarat roads so that you fully comprehend what they are all about.

What Precisely Are Baccarat Roads?

Baccarat roads are merely a method of identifying tendencies in the outcomes of each round. There are various sorts of roads, each of which provides a unique type of analysis. They assist players in comprehending the game’s history and identifying patterns. Baccarat roads are also used by some players as part of their strategy to predict what will happen next.

Each road is made out of a grid that is filled with colored dots, circles, and, in some cases, lines. Grids are normally six cells high, but they can be numerous cells wide because a game might theoretically continue on indefinitely. However, the meaning of the various colored circles varies depending on the road.

There are various baccarat roads, but the most common are the Beat Plate, Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Pig. Here, we’ll go through each one in detail and explain what it implies.

5 Common Baccarat Roads

1. The Bead Plate Road - Tracking Results

The Bead Plate is read from top to bottom, beginning in the upper left corner. Depending on your preferences, this view can display letters (B, P, T) or numbers (0-9) on the circles.

When compared to other table games, it is the one that most closely follows “standard” statistics. For the first six hands, you can see that the Banker won, then the Player, followed by a Banker win, a Banker win with a Player Pair, Banker, and Player.

Colors and dots on the Bead Plate

Blue large circle: The player
Small blue dot: Player Pair
Red Large Circle: Banker
Small red dot: Banker Pair
Huge green circle: Tie

2. Baccarat Big Road - Displaying Basic Patterns

The Big Road displays the same information as the Bead Plate, except the metrics are displayed from left to right, and there is no option to view winning hand value. Looking at the case, we can see that the Banker won once, the Player won a single one, the Banker won three times, and the Player won twice.

The Big Road makes it easier to spot patterns, but the Bead Plate displays a reduced version of the game history.

Big Road colors, dots, and lines

  • The circles and dots function similarly to the Bead Plate. Red circles represent banker wins, red dots represent banker pairs, blue circles represent player wins, and blue dots represent player pairs.
  • The biggest distinction is in the ties, as a tie win does not receive its own row. Ties are shown by a green diagonal line instead.


The Big Eye Boy will begin entering data to its grid following the first hand dealt in the second column on the Big Road. The addition of two vertical rows of circles to the same grid is just to conserve space. The grid isn’t required for the Big Eye Boy, in theory.

  • If that hand adds a new column to Big Road, you must compare the first and second columns. A red circle is added to the Big Eye Boy if they have the same amount of circles. If they are not identical, a blue circle is added.
  • If the hand adds to the second column rather than establishing a new one, the color of the following circle will be determined by examining the cell to the left of the new entry on the grid and the cell above the left cell. It’s a red circle if these two are identical. Otherwise, it’s blue.
Colors used by Big Eye Boy

Blue: This color represents an unpredictable and “choppy” sneaker.

The red huge circle: represents a repeated and predictable shoe.

4. Baccarat Small Road - Pattern Derivation

The Small Road is the same as the Big Eye Boy. The distinction is that it will skip the Big Road column to the left of the present one.

Small Road entries will start following the first entry in the Big Road’s third column.

  • How to Interpret the Small Road

    • If you can read the Big Eye Boy, you can read the Small Road just well.
    • The rule is to act as though the column directly to the left of the current one on the Big Road does not exist.
    • In other words, follow Big Eye Boy’s instructions, but compare the first and third columns, or the second cell to the left with the one above it. This will give you the new Small Road entry.

5. The Cockroach Road – Looking for Trends

The last baccarat road type, sometimes known as the Cockroach Pig, is based on the Small Road. This “road” begins once the first entry is made in the Big Road’s fourth column.

The story behind the moniker “Cockroach Pig”

The term “cockroach” is thought to be derived from the Cantonese word kat tsat lo (,), which translates to Xuntong Road. The simplified “Cockroach” comes from the fact that it is understood by both Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking players and has a Cantonese pronunciation.

“Pig,” on the other hand, is a literal translation from a Chinese name for the route.

How to Interpret the Cockroach Pig

  • As with the Small Road, you’ll pretend columns two and three don’t exist here.
  • Just imagine that the two columns to the left of the current one doesn’t exist, and you’re ready to go!


If you believe that all of these roads are too intricate, you can employ the two P? And B? Over the Big Road in the upper right-hand corner.

These may be found at Evolution baccarat tables, and they are prediction buttons that will disclose the next winning hand based on the statistics and entries from all roads combined.

Some term this cheating, while others consider it a blessing. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use them.


Some baccarat players swear by the baccarat roads, while others succeed and have fun without even looking at it. Even without the use of highways, baccarat remains an incredibly engaging game.

As a result, we propose that you use baccarat roads when you want to improve your skill and go deeper into the enthralling world of baccarat.

Finally, no other casino game provides such comprehensive data as baccarat, so if you want excitement, predictions, and patterns, baccarat and its roads are your key to success.


The term “Baccarat Roads” might refer to various patterns or trends that players observe in the game’s history or past results, such as the Bead Road, Big Road, Small Road, Big Eye Boy, and the Cockroach Pig. These patterns can help players make informed betting decisions based on historical outcomes.

The content likely provides insights into Baccarat betting strategies and how players can utilize Baccarat Roads or patterns to enhance their betting decisions. However, it’s important to remember that gambling involves chance, and while strategies may offer guidance, there are no guaranteed methods for success. Responsible gambling and understanding the risks are essential when participating in any casino game.