How to Avoid Common Esports Betting Mistakes


Everyone makes errors! The idea isn’t to avoid making mistakes entirely, but rather to learn from them–that’s the tough bit. This is essentially the golden rule of esports betting: it is acceptable to make mistakes as long as they teach you anything.

With that in mind, I’d like to give you with my special gift for the day: an in-depth examination of the problematic nature of esports betting errors. More specifically, I’ve compiled a complete list of the most common esports betting mistakes to avoid, and I’d want to walk you through them one by one.

The esports betting industry is as large as it is punishing, particularly for newbies who are unfamiliar with how online betting works. That’s for sure a difficult scenario to be in. Fortunately, there are numerous websites that provide vital information on the best esports betting sites, including this one.

Avoiding Esports Betting Mistakes

1 — Expecting Unrealistic Results

Every other guy especially newcomers fantasizes about becoming a millionaire simply from esports betting. Needless to say, the odds of this happening is pretty low.

Sure, some people have become wealthy from esports (and regular sports) betting, but they are a small minority. Perhaps 0.01% of people become wealthy, or even less. If you want to pursue a profession in esports betting, you should have reasonable expectations. If you’re a smart guy with a good esports betting plan, you could be able to cash out large multiple times a month. But you must understand that there will be bad months more often than not. So slow down–esports betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

2 — Ignoring Your Budget

Most of us are on tight budgets and don’t have enough room in our budgets for our hobbies. That is why it is critical to pay attention to them and analyze the amount of money we can wager before even considering placing any bets.

We occasionally gamble too much early on and end up bankrupt by the end of the month. It has happened to me as well; there is nothing to be embarrassed about! However, we’re here to learn from our mistakes, which is what I’m attempting to convey to you. Take note of your finances. Bills, food, and other basics must come first. Betting comes second to all of your other requirements. Make this your guiding principle.

3 — Not Pausing After a Big Return

Perhaps you’ve just hit it big and want to cash out, call it a day or night and move on. People frequently become greedy and begin to place increasingly larger wagers with their hard-earned gains. This is a terrible practice because the betting risk skyrockets. Refusing to take a break after a big return might rapidly turn into a slippery slope.

It is best to cash out your winnings as quickly as possible! Of sure, set aside some money for future bets, but cash out the majority of your winnings. This manner, you may treat yourself while still having some money in your online betting wallet by the next big esports event.

4 — Using Untrustworthy Esports Bookmakers

Using shady esports bookies should have been at the top of this list because it’s the first error almost all novices make. I don’t blame them for being unaware. After all, we were all novices once, so we know personally how difficult the esports betting hobby can be.

The business is currently in disarray, with a flood of new betting sites vying for a piece of the pie. Given that it’s a war zone out there, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for right away.

5 — Conducting Inadequate Research

Obviously, if you want to win a few bets here and there, you can’t always rely on luck. Knowledge, not luck, determines successful esports bettors. Sure, you can win a few bets and think you’re the best, but luck may change rapidly, so counting on it is never a wise idea.

You should instead rely on basic statistical data and pro scene understanding. This does not happen quickly, so begin exploring and studying as soon as possible; it is the only way to succeed in this demanding activity.

6 — Making Bets Driven by Anger

This is most likely the most serious error of all. Nothing irritates you more than losing a wager you’ve already won in the last seconds of a game. That right there is a proper trigger, a trigger at the heart of your online betting wallet.

When you’re upset and emotional about losing, don’t bet. Unwind, have a few beers, and call it a night. Trust me, the next day you’ll be back on track with more betting ideas than you could have dreamed the day before.

7 — Uncertainty about When to Stop

A common blunder is not knowing when to stop. It’s a ludicrous question because I consider myself an esports betting expert or at least reasonably knowledgeable. Knowing when to stop is entirely dependent on your finances.

This is especially true in esports betting because the majority of esports bettors are still young and do not have a lot of money to spare.

To summarize, save a portion of your monthly earnings and deposit it all at once. You can even gain some more cash in your bonus pocket if there are bonuses available. It would be excellent to devise your personal esports betting strategy that allows you to keep money in your online betting wallet for the entire month.

Tips and Tricks for Esports Betting

After you’ve seen the most typical esports betting mistakes to avoid, here are a few more betting tips and methods to assist you. It’s nothing extraordinary, just three guidelines to help you with your next esports betting venture.

Checking Track on Roster Changes

Every esports title has a rest period. A time when athletes get a well-deserved break as their teams work to enhance their squads for the upcoming season. Despite the clear lack of top-tier tournaments during the rest period, it is nevertheless critical for esports bettors.

To prevent making dumb mistakes in your early season betting slips, you should keep note of any roster changes if you want to be a good esports bookmaker. There are numerous websites addressing this issue, so make sure you have your RSS feeds ready to keep up with all the updates. Obviously, roster changes may make or break your betting score, so keeping an eye out for them is essential.

Looking into Special Bets

When you’re not simply betting for fun, but also to make some additional money on the side, you should start looking into unique bets. These range from the traditional outright winner, region of the winner, pistol round, first blood, and so on, to more complex and sophisticated bets like exact score, rounds handicap, and so on.

Needless to say, quantifiable in-game factors differ widely from game to game, therefore I won’t go into detail here. Take my advice and start investigating the specials if you’re already focused on making it big in the esports betting market. Who knows, they might perhaps assist you in earning some more cash.

Avoiding Favorites in "Best of" Series

This may appear to be a long shot at first, but when it comes to big esports titles, best of one series are as difficult as they get. Don’t get me wrong: betting on favorites isn’t that dangerous in the Bo3 and Bo5 series because their map pools and consistency are typically one step higher than the underdogs. However, with best of one series, one bad round, team battle, or similar can be a turning moment for late game snowballing.

As a result, it is better to avoid betting on outright favorites in best-of-one matches. The betting chances are far too low to be successful, but the risk might quickly deplete your bank account.


All of the above, in terms of the most common esports betting mistakes to avoid, pretty much covers it. Making angry bets and not knowing when to stop are arguably the biggest blunders people make these days. These blunders can quickly escalate into a disaster.

Don’t get the impression that this article is telling you not to wager on esports matches. What I’m basically trying to express here is that you should proceed with caution. Esports betting is a terrific way to spice up your late-night enjoyment while also earning a few more dollars.

However, you must recognize that the vast majority of esports bettors lose money. That is why, before going all in, you should take things slowly and build up your wallet with a few large returns.