How to Win Esports Bets: Important Tips to Help You Improve Your Consistency

Sports and Esports Bets Are Somewhat Similar

It doesn’t take a genius to see that sports and esports bets are practically identical. The only actual distinction is the discipline at work. Traditional sports betting markets include soccer, football, basketball, and others, whereas esports betting markets include Dota 2, League of Legends, CSGO, and others.

Betting techniques, staking methods, odds, and specials are all almost identical. Although each discipline (whether sports or esports) has its own set of specialties, match-winners and outright are available across the board.

However, if you have prior expertise with online esports bets, you should not require any additional time to understand how esports betting works. Everything will fall into place for you, which those with no past expertise with online esports bets cannot say.

How to Win Esports Bets - Six Easy Tricks to Improve Consistency

1. Play the Game on Which You Bet

In case you want to enhance your esports bets winning percentage, you need to understand the game you’re betting on… and you can’t comprehend a game you’re not actively playing. That’s all there is to it!

That being said, if you’re going to bet on CSGO, you don’t have to play it for hours on end, but it would be beneficial if you played it enough to comprehend its competitive aspects. The same is true for Dota 2 and League of Legends – you don’t have to be an expert at the game, but you should be able to tell a push from a gank.

2. Learn the Key Concepts of Online Betting

When you’re in-game expertise is excellent, the next thing you should focus on to increase your chances of winning esports bets is studying the fundamentals of online betting. If you’ve already gambled online, this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. If you’re just starting out, you should be bombarded with queries.

The fundamentals cannot be easily explained in this section. As a result, we recommend that you read our comprehensive online betting advice. I realize it’s centered on sports, sports and esports betting are quite comparable.

3. Study the Statistical Depths

Esports bets statistics are critical to your overall consistency. If you want to consistently win esports bets, you must delve deep into statistical depths.

But what is there to dig for? It all depends on the esports you’re wagering on. If you want to wager on CSGO, for example, you should look into stats like map pool win rate, players’ HLTV rating, players’ KAST, players’ placements, and so on. If you’re interested in LoL betting, you’ll need to learn about pushing, ganking, team fight forcing, champions pools, and other terms.

4. Keep up with the Latest News

In the realm of esports, roster changes are extremely often. Whatever game you’re interested in, staying up to date on things like this will be really beneficial. Not just roster changes, but news and updates in general. In fact, injuries are on the rise.

Furthermore, there are several Reddit postings that serve as rich reservoirs of community-driven information. Post-match chats in League of Legends instantly come to mind – they can provide vital insight that goes beyond simple data.

5. Watch and Take note of the Games

Statistics will provide you with a clear view of the competition. Exploring the newest transfers and news will get you closer to both sides of the issue… but nothing will get you as near to figuring out a match as watching previous contests. There is no reason for argument!

You Can Get a Feel for the Atmosphere by Watching the Games. You will be able to comprehend how teams/players fared in specific situations, which will allow you to derive valuable conclusions that are superior to raw statistics… in some cases.

Understand that watching every match before putting esports bets is unrealistic. But, at the very least, watch the highlights – it will almost certainly help you win esports bets!

6. Pick Your Bookmaker Wisely

When you’re going to bet on esports on a regular basis, you’ll also need to find a reliable bookie. There are numerous options available, ranging from excellent to dreadful. As a beginning, your objective is to find either the outstanding or the good ones.

Their number isn’t an issue, but they’re in the majority because to a vast excess of questionable-quality bookies. It’s simply the way things are in the esports betting industry right now. If you want to be absolutely certain you’re making the best choice, read the esports betting sites guide and look at our choices.

Understanding the Major Esports Events Is Critical

You won’t get very far if you don’t know the dates of the scene’s major events. Every esport has a number of significant occurrences, but the most significant demand special attention.

That being said, if you’re a League of Legends fan, you should be well-versed on Mid-Season Invitationals and World Championships. Major Championships will be the bread and butter of your esports bets if you follow CSGO. Nothing beats The Internationals for Dota 2 lovers out there.

Find out the Various Betting Options

Esports bets offers fans much more than just match winners and outright winners. For quite some time, the number of potential esports betting chances has been growing. Even the most seasoned bettors are often taken aback by the sheer amount of accessible esports bets these days.

If you haven’t yet dabbled in esports betting, here are the most popular betting possibilities you should expect:

The winner of the match

Overall winner

The winner’s region

Over/under total rounds

Over/under total goal totals

Player with the most kills and assists

Most kills/assists per player

Winning both pistol rounds

Team to kill the first dragon/demolish the first tower

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s a ton more you can wager on, especially during major tournaments like CSGO Majors, LoL Worlds, and Dota 2 Internationals.


The following are some examples of esports bets:


This is the most prevalent sort of sports and esports bets. These are the bets we’re talking about when we say “how to win esports bets.”

What exactly are they? It’s as simple as that: choose a match to bet on, the line/outcome you wish to bet on, your amount, and place your bet. That’s right, you’ve just placed a single.


Accumulators allow you to place bets on the results (or other lines) of multiple matches on a single betting slip. But here’s the exciting part: in order to win the bet, you must correctly guess all of your accumulator’s lines. If you miss one, you’re out – you receive nothing!

Individual bets (or, more precisely, their odds) increase with one another to provide amazingly high returns. Don’t get me wrong: these are high-risk bets, but win one accumulator and your betting bankroll will skyrocket.


Winning esports bets requires a combination of knowledge, strategy, and consistency. To improve your chances of success, consider the following important tips. By applying these tips, you can improve your consistency in esports betting. Remember that success in betting requires patience, continuous learning, and adaptability as the esports landscape evolves.