Fishing machine game complete introduction, skills teaching!

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Fishing machine game complete introduction, fishing machine skills teaching!

Fishing machine game is not only a popular gaming project, but also a game for young and old, and the most common fishing machine games at present are: the most famous “fishing master”, thousand guns fishing series, ocean star, etc. …, each fishing machine playing method is different, but in fact the core principle is not much different. After years of playing fishing machines, we also put together a variety of common insights to facilitate players interested in fishing machine games, can quickly figure out how to play this game!

How to win a fishing machine game?

Before playing the games related to fishing machines, as with all other types of games, there are three key things that you must first understand, and we will present three key things that we think you must understand first.
– Understanding the principles of the game
– The right mindset for the game
– Deciphering the fishing machine game cycle

The principle of fishing machine

You must understand that all electronic games have a mechanism called “draw rate”, meaning that when you put in 1,000 yuan and the machine will only spit back 990 yuan, the 10 yuan is the casino’s draw rate.

Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the common player jackpot, because the machine will accumulate all the chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.

So you must understand that when you win money on a fishing machine, it is not the machine’s money that wins, but the other players’ money, and the machine (or casino operator) is only playing a role in providing the venue and equipment and collecting “service fees”.

Establishing a good mindset for catching fish games

It’s still those old words, don’t let yourself get too emotional before you’re ready to play a game of booby traps, and analyze steadily. When you find yourself constantly spitting out your chips and the fish won’t hit no matter what shells you use, stop first! How to set the stop-loss point for this part? According to experience, when you originally prepared for 10,000 chips, when you find that you lost 3,000 in a row, you should immediately stop, as this 3,000 is out can not come back, because you should focus on the remaining 7,000 chips how to help you recreate profits, rather than how to return capital!

This is a completely different mindset, and when you can retain this mindset, you have already done the time to pass all the games.

Fishing machine cycle

Fishing games are basically divided into three periodicities: “leisure”, “eat points” and “spit points”, and these three cycles are quite important! Because it represents what the maximum result will be when you are playing.

These three very simple concepts actually each represent

“Casual”: You will remain in a parallel state of winning and losing
“Eating”: no matter what, you basically never touch the fish
“Spit”: You can hit anything you want, all the time!
Because of the design principle behind the game, in order to keep attracting players to continue playing and to maintain a stable income, these three states will keep alternating, and finally the normal situation will be back to the first point mentioned, you will be in a winning state but you will be charged part of the “draw”.

How to judge? How to make money from it?

Experienced players must be constantly observing first, even from free trials, getting an actual machine, etc., to find out the periodicity of the game, which is to understand how many numbers are set behind the fishing machine before it will eat and spit out points.

At the beginning, you start with the smallest chips, that is, the small cannon, to play fish, slowly observe how the score is eaten in, and if you encounter a school of fish, immediately switch to a large cannon to sweep the school of fish. This is a situation where you have to judge when to increase your chips and when to retreat.