Slots Hit Rates: How Important Are They?

Slots Hit Rate

The slots hit rate determines the number of chances you have to receive a return on the game. Games with a higher win frequency and RTP rate result in a large payoff after multiple spins of the reels. You may also utilize a slot’s hit rates data to determine how many spins are required before you can win, which is important for high variance slots with a middling RTP rate.

The percentage of wins in a given number of spins is referred to as the slots hit rate. If a slot machine has a 20% hit rate and you spin the reels 500,000 times, you can expect to win 100,000 times. It should be noted that software vendors do not disclose the slot hits rate of their games. This information will not be found on a slot machine cabinet at a land-based casino or an online slot page on a gambling website.

The most crucial statistic for calculating how frequently you’ll win on a slot machine is the hit rate. In the following post, I’ll go over what his term means and why it’s so important.

What Is the Average Hit Rate?

The average win frequency for slot machines is from 25% to 27%. If you’re playing a game that pays out roughly a quarter of the time, you’re dealing with typical slots hit rate. Of course, some slots award wins at a considerably higher or lower frequency than others. The most volatile slots frequently have a win frequency of 20% or less. Less volatile games, on the other hand, can have a hit frequency of 35% or higher.

A higher slots hit rate does not always imply lesser volatility. However, in general, it suggests that you may expect more consistent victories. If you’re concerned about your bankroll, you’ll appreciate a more consistent supply of payments. With more awards flowing in, you can better sustain your bankroll.

Where Do You Find Win Frequency?

Developers display slots hit rates on the info screen. On the betting panel, the info section is frequently denoted with an “i.”

Simply press the “i” key and scroll until you reach the game stats. If the hit rate is available, you will eventually find it here.

Not all slot machines display a win frequency statistic. You’ll have no notion how frequently you may expect to win in these situations. As a result, you must merely hope that the specified developer lists a hit rate. You might even limit yourself to slots from developers who give this information.

3 Importance of Slots Hit Rates

1. Indicates how frequently you will win

Slot machines do not pay out at all close to this frequency. However, aiming for better hit rates will result in more consistent wins. As playing certain slots with win frequency of more than 35%. While this figure may not quite match in roulette, it is not bad in the grand scheme of things.

Slots that only pay out around 20% of the time, on the other hand, will keep you waiting for a win. At this rate, you’ll get a lot of empty, non-paying spins.

2. Beneficial for Bankroll Management

Since you can’t consistently win, you’ll struggle to keep your bankroll up. However, a high hit frequency allows you to better sustain your slot funds. Of course, not all of your winnings will be worth more than your initial investment. When it comes to slot payouts, though, anything is better than nothing.

With a higher win frequency, you will be less vulnerable to volatility. Instead, you’ll receive higher payments and be able to play for longer periods of time.

3. Greater wins Are Exciting

You’ll grow bored quickly if you keep spinning the reels and coming up empty. However, more frequent wins increase the entertainment factor. Slots that pay out at a 30% to 35% clip ensure that you’ll win a lot of money. As a result, you’ll see more victory animations.

In comparison, consider slots with a lower win frequency. You may go several spins or more without receiving a reward, which becomes irritating if this occurs frequently.

Take into Account the Volatility Rating

Volatility can assist you assess whether a slot machine will give a large number of losses disguised as wins. All you have to do is compare the volatility to the hit rate.

Here’s a quick method for determining this:

High volatility + high hit rate = Lots of LDW’s

Low volatility + high hit rate = More true wins.

Many developers include a volatility rating in the information section. This is especially true for those who create online slots.

Other Crucial Slots Statistics to Consider

Bonus Hit Percentage

The hit rate is critical in deciding how often you will win overall. However, you may be curious as to how frequently the bonus round will be triggered. After all, the largest prizes lie in the bonus round. Bonuses are usually thrilling and include modifiers like growing wilds and win multipliers. Bonus hit rates are typically quite low.

The number of ways

Some modern slots have a staggering amount of chances to win. Megaways slots, for example, can have 117,649 or more ways to win. I’ve even seen a slot machine with more than 60 million ways to win!

On paper, these figures appear impressive. The reality, however, is that an absurd amount of victories does not usually result in much. If you notice a slot with up to 117,649 chances to win with a 20% hit rate, you’ll know that the majority of these ways are useless.

Furthermore, you will not be having fun in 117,649 different ways the entire time. Instead, Megaways slots provide a random number of winning ways that can range between 64 and 324.

Return to player (RTP)

Return to player (RTP) has little effect on your short-term earnings. Instead, it calculates how much you’ll earn back with a slot machine over time. However, you should bear payout percentages in mind. If you continue to play games with a high RTP, you will eventually benefit from bigger winnings.

The average online slot has an RTP of roughly 96%. If you’re playing higher-paying games, you’ll be performing better than the typical player.

Maximum Victory

The most volatile slots usually have the largest maximum rewards. Of course, the actual statistics are more significant in determining this. Games with large maximum payouts may have medium-to-low volatility and a high slot hit rate.

In the lack of slots hit rate and/or volatility ratings, you might look at the maximum prize. If it’s large, you’re unlikely to win as frequently.


When it comes to slots, win frequency is a critical metric. Higher hit rates guarantee that you will receive more frequent payments. Fortunately, an increasing number of developers are displaying hit rates. You may find the statistics by going to the relevant info screen.

You should also take volatility into consideration. Because of the extreme volatility and high hit rate, many of your victories will not be true wins. Meanwhile, lower volatility mixed with a high win frequency guarantees that you will receive more actual payouts.