KawBet Baccarat Teaching : Foundation(1)

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KawBet Baccarat Teaching : Foundation(1)

KawBet Baccarat Money Teaching

The best way to make money in KawBet baccarat has always been the secret to winning, and many people go online to search  for counting method techniques and cars, but in the end, why do they still “lose money”? The reason is that the players have neglected to take advantage of a must-know advantage, what advantage? Today, I’m here to tell you all about it!

If you are also playing KawBet live baccarat all the way to win money, playing other baccarat baccarat inexplicable mind, then a good study to see, will help you a lot and plus points, because not only will teach you what is the skill, but also tell you why do so? Only by truly understanding online baccarat can you grasp the key to profitable no matter what.

KawBet Baccarat is the best way to make money 1: "Treat it like you don't see it when it comes to "draws

The online baccarat games in almost every casino on the internet are set to return the player’s bets if a draw occurs, and it doesn’t count as a washout. The draw is a tie and is not considered a betting method so when looking at the road, if you see a draw you can just ignore it.

KawBet Baccarat is the best way to make money 2 : Winning money - betting on the banker has a high winning rate

The player can find that betting on “banker” after playing KawBet online baccarat is the wisest choice because the casino advantage of banker is the lowest among these types of play. A long time ago, someone conducted a big data analysis of baccarat play and found that the chance of banker winning is more than half 50% with long-term betting.
The casino advantage is the advantage that the casino has over the player. KawBet Baccarat has the lowest casino advantage compared to all other games, and is therefore popular with experienced, introductory players. Learn more about the Baccarat casino advantage in the table below





Baccarat Casino Advantage




According to the table above, the only way for a KawBet online baccarat player to win money is really to bet on the banker.
The first is the easy-to-recite recipe from veteran players, “See the banker and follow the banker, see the player and follow the player, see the jump and follow the jump, lose three and pause, lose five and win six, stop at five and five”. What is the meaning of this phrase?
1. The first game is not to bet, observe the first game open banker, the next game can bet on the banker, until the banker broke. On the contrary, if the first game is open, then the next game to buy leisure, until the leisure break.
2. If you bet on the banker at the beginning, change to bet on the player after the banker breaks, and play according to this rule until the end.
3. The above “see the banker to follow the banker, see the idle to follow the idle” lost 2 games in a row, you can change the bet “jump” (the opposite of the last game, the last game open banker, the next game bet on the idle), until the jump break, and then return to operate 1, 2.
4. If you lose 3 games in a row, be sure to pause your bets first, but do not leave the game, stay on the field and continue to observe and simulate virtual bets in your mind until you win 2 games in a row and then go back to the game.
5. Stop-loss point 5 bets: accumulate 5 bets lost in one boot, give up decisively, change the table or quit the game. Stop-loss point 6 bets: after winning 6 bets, you can change the table or quit the game.
In 6.8 decks of baccarat, you can stop playing when you reach the 55th bet (unless you win in a row, then you can continue to bet).
But the baccarat system provider is actually not stupid, it is because the winning rate of betting banker is higher, so when playing baccarat and winning, 5% of the water money will be deducted. (Players can choose the draw-free baccarat)