A Classic Bonus Feature in Best Scatter Slots


Scatter slots may be unfamiliar to newcomers to slot games. Scatter slots are games that include the well-known scatter symbols. These are special symbols that, depending on the slot, can activate a bonus function or possibly win a jackpot. Even antique fruit machines contained scatters in the shape of cherries that would provide a prize regardless of where they were placed.

In contrast to regular symbols, you just need to land a specific number anywhere on the reels to activate their effects. Their functionality and appearance differ depending on the game, therefore it’s important to read the paytable attentively.

What exactly are Scatter Slots?

Scatter slots are a type of slot machine that features a combination of symbols. These symbols are a unique feature that assists the player in choose which slot machine to play. The Scatter Symbol acts as a magic wand, unlocking most bonuses and other fantastic features in scatter slots games. After a few Scatter Symbol wins, you’ll understand why scatter owners are known as slot players’ best friends. Scatters appear and bring with them action-packed mini-game packs, free spins, and a plethora of bonus possibilities. Scatter wins, on average, pay the biggest amounts of any special symbol.

How Can You Win at Scatter Slots?

As previously stated, RNG is the process that assures that the prizes in a slot are distributed at random. But how could we possibly win in a scatter slot game?

When we compare scatter symbols to wild symbols, we might conclude that scatter symbols are more appealing than wild symbols. Why? This has a straightforward and reasonable explanation. In most slot games, scatter symbols outnumber wild symbols.

Slot machines had three reels and seven symbols for the number seven, fruits, wild symbols in bright yellow, diamonds, and other classic symbols, red cherries served as scatter symbols.

What makes scatter symbols even more appealing is that they do not have to appear on a certain pay line? Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels to trigger bonus games or a certain amount of free spins.

How do Scatter Symbols help me win money?

When several scatter symbols appear on the reels, they can trigger a free spin round or, in some situations, an interactive bonus round with guaranteed winnings for players. For example, depending on the scatter slot games, you may be able to select between treasure boxes or even extra cash awards.

In many circumstances, scatter symbols can activate a free spins round, with the amount of spins determined by the number of symbols that appear on the scatter slot games’ screen.

Scatter slots symbol in some scatter slots game can be doubled as multipliers, increasing the number of players who can get winning combos.

How to Play Free Scatter Slot Machines?

Most online casinos allow you to play the demo version of their slots in order for the player to have a feel for the game before investing any money, and there are various websites that provide you free scatter coins to play with. This is a method for the casino to attract players, advertise their own slots, and determine whether or not they are suitable for their market.

Some bonuses, on the other hand, can improve the gaming experience, such as free spins bonus slots or collecting scatter slots free coins.

After studying practically everything there is to know about slot machines, let’s focus on the ones that brought us here today: scatter slots game.

9 Best Scatter Slots Online

1. Hot Chilli Slots

To make money online, play the JILI Gaming HOT CHILLI slot game.Get more than 2000 times your bet back. MAX BONUS is a multiplier of 2000X.

Hot Chilli gathering craze, now unlock super-sized boards! Collect Chilies in the Free Games to unlock more boards, up to four at a time. You can bet once and win four times! In 3×3 video slots with 9 paylines, you can win the Pepper jackpot!

Bonus Game Features

  • Collect chilies in the Free Game to earn extra rewards.
  • Collect 9 chillis to open the third new board and repair the fifth reel for all WILD.
  • Collect 14 chillis to open the fourth new board and repair the fourth reel for all WILD.
  • Collect 30 chillis to repair the third reel on all four boards for all WILD.
  • If you get three scatter slots in the free game, you’ll get three more free spins.

2. Lucky Goldbricks Slot Machine Game

Lucky Goldbricks is an online slot game with a similar premise developed by Jili Gaming. Lucky Goldbricks is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines. There are just five basic symbols on the payoff table in this game: a single bar, double bars, triple bars, a silver seven, and a gold seven. The bonus game is triggered when a player lands at least 5 gold bricks (Scatter slots icons) on the reels.

Bonus Game Features

  • The Bonus Game will be activated if 5 or more Scatter Slots Gold Bricks appear in the Main Game.
  • The amount of Scatter Gold Bricks that occur in the Main Game determines the number of Gold Bricks spin rounds with payouts.
  • All of the Gold Bricks are chosen and added together to produce Payouts attached to Gold Bricks in the Bonus Game. Then, 7 Free Spins will begin.
  • When a Gold Brick appears in the Free Game, it will acquire Payouts with connected.
  • There are retriggered Bonus Games if 5 or more Gold Bricks occur in the Free Game. The Gold Brick payouts will be totaled.
  • The Bonus Game can be retriggered with 5 free spins.

3. Super Ace Slot Game

Super Ace has 5 reels and 1024 ways to win. The basic symbols are four playing card suits, as well as a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Each of these cards also comes in a gold variant. The golden versions appear only on the middle three reels, and when they are eliminated, they transform into wild cards. When necessary, the wild card can be used to replace any missing basic sign. It can also appear as a tiny or large wild card that duplicates itself on a few additional locations. In this game, consecutive wins are accompanied with a progressive win multiplier. Finally, three Scatter icons will start ten Free Spins with the progressive win multiplier increased.

Bonus Game Features

  • Collect three Scatters to receive 10 Free Game rounds.
  • The Elimination Multiplier is doubled in the free game, and it is increased to x2, x4, x6, and x10.
  • The Elimination Multiplier regulations are the same as in the ordinary game, except that the Elimination Multiplier values are twice as large.
  • Collect three scatter in the free game to receive an extra 5 rounds of free play, which can be accumulated several times.

4. Money Coming Slot Game

A multiplier wheel, which is a separate multiplication graphic, is a special symbol in Money Coming Slot. Money Coming Slot is unique among slots games in that it requires three special symbols to line up in order to enter the free game mode. Every turn in this game will feature a different symbol. The earning rate is determined by the number in front and the multiplication rate.

Bonus Game Features

Special Money Wheel

The line connect prize does not have to be won by the front wheel. The symbol that the Special Wheel lands on will receive the matching special effect.


  • The player may be given the opportunity to spin the Lucky Wheel.
  • Bet 5 activates the green SCATTER.
  • Bet 50 on red SCATTER.

5. Night Market Slot Game

Online Slot Night Market (5 Reels, 40 Paylines), When the night market symbol appears on at least 5 reels, you will be awarded a free game in which you can play up to 50 times! This slot game offers a paytable with eight basic symbols: a milkshake, four colorful playing card icons, a snack, fried fish, and an arcade game. Retrigger free games to get up to 100 free games. For the free game, you can earn up to 72X.

Bonus Game Features

  • The free game is activated when all five wheels display the scatter sign.
  • Depending on the quantity of scatter symbols, different starting multipliers are displayed.
  • When 5 reels show 5 SCATTER, the starting multiplier is 1, the points multiplier is +1, and there is a maximum of 50 rounds and x50.
  • When 5 reels show 6 SCATTER, the starting multiplier is 2, the points multiplier is +2, up to 50 rounds and x100.
  • When 5 reels show 7 SCATTER, the starting multiplier is 3, the points multiplier is +3, and the maximum number of rounds is SO and x150.

6. Hot Pot Party Game

There are three levels in the game. Food items, including clearance symbols, are scattered at random in 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 squares corresponding to these three tiers.

When identical ingredients are paired vertically or horizontally in a row, points are awarded. After clearing the food ingredients, the resulting vacant tiles will be filled by ingredients dropping from above. The game session continues until no more ingredients can be cleared.

If any game outcome cannot be determined due to a failure, the game will be aborted and the current level progress will be lost.

Bonus Game Features

  • When a free game sign appears on the gaming board, you can win 10 free games and a 1-5 score multiplier at random. When the system is in auto mode, it starts automatically if it is disconnected or if no operation is performed for more than 10 seconds.
  • To advance to the next level, you must eliminate 15 clearance symbols in a level.
  • The level’s remaining symbols can be carried over to the following level, but they will not be maintained after Level 3.
  • Won points=Bet x Payout / 10

7. Chinese New Year

According to Chinese slot game tradition, during the Spring Festival, a creature known as the Nian Beast arose in the wild in winter. Nian Beast was a fierce beast who broke into houses at midnight to consume humans. To frighten the Nian Beast away, people created a bonfire and set off firecrackers near their front door. A free game is triggered when a firecracker appears on all five reels!

You can get up to 100 free games by repeatedly triggering free games. For the free game, you can earn up to 72X.

Bonus Game Features

  • The free game will be triggered if Scatter occurs on all 5 wheels.
  • For each number, a different multiplier will display. When there are more than five, the minimum multiplier is three and the highest multiplier is seventy-two.
  • When the person appears on 5 or more wheels in the free game, he or she will receive 13 more free games.
  • Up to 100 free games can be obtained several times.
  • When the free game is retriggered, the multiplier remains the same as when it was first triggered.
  • When the system is in auto mode, it starts automatically if it is disconnected or if no operation is performed for more than 10 seconds.

8. Magic Bean

Magic Bean is a traditional English fairy tale. Fa Chai Slot offers the Magic Bean Legend slot machine for free online. You can earn 1 additional multiplier if you get 4 WILDs. You can gain up to 15X multiplier!

Take your slot experience to new heights with the Magic Bean Legend game, in which you can profit from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk! Climb the gigantic beanstalk by putting together victories and see if you can reach the riches hidden above the clouds.

A 25 bet yields the following winning score:

Pattern that matches everything, Except for the free game icon, this can be used to substitute any icon. This appears exclusively on Axels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

A free game is activated when three axels occur.

Bonus Game Features

  • A free game is triggered when three SCATTER appear on the axel. Select 1 Wooden bucket to receive 2X to 5X and 1 Treasure box to receive 8 to 15 free games.
  • When three SCATTER occur on the axel, the player is given another free game. Many free games are available. Receive up to 250 free games.
  • When a free game is triggered again, the multiplier of the game and the reward you receive are the same as when the free game was triggered the first time.
  • During the free game, when you get 4, the multiplier will be increased by one, up to 15x.
  • If the system is unplugged or no operation has been performed for more than 10 seconds, it will start automatically.

9. Cowboys

Cowboys is a 15-line slot machine with a playing screen that depicts the untamed style of the American West. Cowboys slot game may be played for free online on the Fa Chai Slot, with a profit of up to 300X! You can get four more free games if you get four COMBOS/SCATTER. Cowboys slot machine can turn your prior slot machine experience upside down! How do I play the Cowboys Slot Machine? The sections that follow will explain how to activate free games as well as simple and profitable Cowboys Slot game tutorials.

Bonus Game Features

The number of COMBOS/SCATTER can be accumulated after each reset. You can obtain a varying number of free games depending on how many COMBOS you have.

  • 10 free games with 6 COMBOS
  • 20 free games with 7 COMBOS
  • You cannot trigger another free game while in the free game, however you can play the bonus game.

If the system is in an automatic mode, it will start automatically if it is disconnected or if no operation is made for more than 10 seconds.


It’s simple to see why scatter symbols have grown so popular. When you are close to triggering a bonus, the slots activate special effects and focus on the last reel, heightening the anticipation. The chances of triggering scatters are unaffected by bet limitations, so everyone who gets the proper amount can experience the entertaining extras. Not to add that scatters can sometimes award rewards as well as operate as wilds.