Which is better Baccarat Side Bet: Dragon Bonus or Panda 8?

Baccarat has a wide variety of side bets. The most popular of these bets are Dragon Bonus and Panda 8.

In fact, some baccarat tables are exclusively identified by whether or not they include one of these side bet. For example, you can come with a game called “Dragon Bonus baccarat.” Each side bet is fascinating since they each have a huge reward. But which is the better side bet in terms of return to player (RTP)?

The following instruction goes over the fundamentals of Dragon Bonus and Panda 8. It also indicates which wager offers the best chance of winning real money.

How does the Dragon Side Bet Work?

The Dragon Bonus side bet is dependent on either the banker or player hand winning by a certain number of points. When you place this bet, you select one of these hands.

The potential prizes are determined by the winning score of your chosen team. The following awards apply to both sides:

Winning by 9 points results in a 30:1 payout
Winning by 8 points results in a 10:1 payout
Winning by 7 points results in a 6:1 payout
Winning by 6 points results in a 4:1 payout
Winning by 5 points results in a 2:1 payout

Winning by 4 points results in a 1:1 payout.
Winning by a natural (8 or 9 on the first two cards) results in a 1:1 payout.
Tie with a natural = push
Winning by 3 points or less result in a loss

Given that the rewards are the same for both sides, you may expect the RTP to be quite similar. However, as you’ll see later, the player side has far better prospects.

How Does the Panda 8 Side Bet Work?

Panda 8 is a side bet in EZ baccarat that does not charge commissions on winning banker bets.  Panda 8 is a highly specialized side bet. It only wins when the player side has a three-card hand that totals 8. Of course, the player hand can attain this sum in a variety of ways. For example, it might win with 4-4 or 2-10-6 (18 = 8). Even yet, your chances of winning this bet are only 3.5%.

Casinos compensate for the poor odds of winning by paying a 25:1 payment. However, you are unlikely to get such a high payoff on a regular basis.

Which Side Bet Is More Profitable?

Both of these bets have the potential for large payouts. With the Dragon Bonus side bet, you can win up to 30:1. In the meantime, you win 25:1 on a successful Panda 8 side bet.

But which of these side bets has the best probability of winning? The solution is probably the Dragon Bonus’s player side.

To explain, below are the payoff percentages for each side bet:

  • RTP for Dragon Bonus player = 97.35%
  • RTP for Dragon Bonus banker = 90.63%
  • RTP for Panda 8 = 89.82%

It is not difficult to determine which of these side bet is superior. The player side of Dragon Bonuses is unquestionably the finest option.

It’s a good bet in baccarat and elsewhere. For example, European Roulette pays 97.30% RTP, which is above average when compared to other casino games.

The Dragon Bonus player bet performs somewhat better. It also has a maximum payout of 30:1.

Should You Even Consider Baccarat Side Bets?

The nicest thing about baccarat side bets is that they usually have a high potential reward. If you acquire the right hand combination, you’ll win a lot of money in relation to your stake.

The disadvantage is that your chances of receiving the perfect hand are quite slim. Payout percentages for the side bet are usually always low as well.

As a result, you must examine if it is truly worthwhile to place these bets. This is especially true considering the high payouts on banker and player bets.

When you bet on the banker hand to win, you’ll get 98.94% RTP. Meanwhile, when betting on the player hand, you may expect a 98.76% payout. These are the two best baccarat side bets, and they’re two of the best bets in all of gambling. When betting on the player or the banker, you can’t go wrong.

The normal baccarat side bet, on the other hand, can go wrong. With these bets, your long-term prospects of winning are usually poor. Nonetheless, some side bet aren’t all that horrible. As previously stated, the Dragon Bonus player pays out at 97.35%. If you want to experiment with bets other than banker and player, you may start with this one.

What Is the Best Baccarat Side Bet Strategy?

The simplest way to handle side bets is to avoid placing them. You can avoid conducting any study in this manner because the average side bet is negative.

Nonetheless, you may want to try something new with your real money baccarat experience and place a side bet or two. If this is the case, you should concentrate on the best bets available.

In terms of RTP, the two most popular baccarat side bets are Lucky Bonus (player) and Dragon Bonus player. They have a payback of 97.36% and 97.35%, respectively.

Neither bet is as good as the standard banker nor player bets. They are, nevertheless, above average when compared to the gaming industry as a whole.


In response to the initial question as to whether Panda 8 or Dragon Bonus is far better the latter is superior if you bet on the player side. In this bet, the player hand has a 97.35% RTP. Panda 8, on the other hand, should be avoided due to its 89.82% payback. Even the 25:1 reward does not make it worthwhile.

When considering all baccarat side bet, the Lucky Bonus player should not be overlooked. It even outperforms Dragon Bonus player with 97.36% RTP. Absolutely, no bet outperforms the banker (98.94% RTP) or the player (98.76%) over the long term. You might still consider side bet to spice up the game.