Slot Games: Simple and Easy to Play​

Slot Games: Simple and Easy to Play

Firstly, many people hear the terms slot games, but they are all referring to the same game. For the sake of consistency, they will be referred to as ‘slot games‘ from now on. Slot games are very simple to play. All you have to do is put in a sum of money and activate the handle or button, and the reels will start spinning rapidly.
The bets are placed in such a way that the number of lines of play increases according to the number of coins put in each time. For example, if you place only one coin, you can only bet on the middle row; if you place two coins, you can bet on the top row; if you place three coins, you can bet on the next row; and if you place four or five coins, you can bet on both diagonal lines.

Winning Odds

Slot games are computer-controlled because they are machines, and the winning rate is usually around 75% to 95%. Although it is true that the more lines you play, the higher the chance of winning, it all depends on luck.
Of course, there is also a little strategy that can help players filter the various machines. For example, if you don’t win on the same machine more than 6 times, you should change machines, or if you don’t win on 4 machines in a row in the same casino, it’s time to change casinos!

Types of Slot Games

Although slot games come in hundreds of different shapes and patterns, they all play almost exactly the same way. With the advancement of technology, slot games have slowly made some improvements, and although the gameplay is similar, there are slight differences in the number of bets placed, which can be subdivided into the following three categories.

Traditional Machines: These are the most common slot games. There are three straight lines, each consisting of five patterns, and you must spin three of the same patterns to win the prize. As mentioned above, the more money you put in, the more lines you can play on and the higher your chances of winning. In addition, some machines also have ‘special symbols’ that will give you extra money when you spin them.

*Progressive Machines: These machines usually have a minimum bet and once someone hits the jackpot, the machine will start accumulating again. If a player has accumulated a large number, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot for you, so sit back and take over the machine!

*Connected Machines: These are an extension of progressive slot games and are the most expensive of the three types of machines. A connected machine is one that links multiple machines in the casino and combines a basic jackpot with a progressive jackpot. The jackpots, if won, can be very impressive.

*The casino plays the dealer: slot games punters fight each other.

The control of the slot games is in the hands of the casino, so the punters can never beat the machines and the chances of pulling out the jackpot are as slim as the “starry moon”. In reality, however, there are still some ordinary prizes that can be generated from the so-called “97% odds”. If we are lucky enough to be in a “temporary win” position after a period of time with a slot machine, the winnings do not come from the casino, but from the 97% of the previous or subsequent player’s stake.

This is because the casino plays the role of a ‘banker’ at the slot machines, taking a 3% stake before using the 97% of the punters’ stake and letting them fight each other to win or lose. Then, through the thrilling and fun design and features of the slot machine, some or all of the 97% of the punters’ money is taken into the tiger’s mouth.

A gaming philosophy of 'small losses, small wins'

Casinos around the world are basically places to go for a relaxing holiday. The food, drink and entertainment there are cheaper than in other places, and the atmosphere in the casinos is more fun than what you can find in other cities. I visit Reno or Las Vegas several times a year with my family to enjoy the relaxation, freedom and relaxation there. Even though I know that the chances of winning at the casino are slim, I still enter the casino every time I go there and have fun with the interesting gaming facilities.
The author’s mentality is that “a small loss is a win” – because of the fun and relaxing experience; and “a small win is a win” – because of the well-designed casino machines. At the casino, it was mostly a case of navigating the different slot games. Over the years, I have gained some experience and learned a few tricks, so I have often been able to fight the slots to a draw, and occasionally win a little.

Slot Games: Simple and Easy to Play​