Common Texas Hold’em Starting Hands and How to Play Them

Texas Hold'em Poker

Knowing how to play the finest opening hands in Texas Hold’em can put you ahead of the competition. Experienced players understand the value of not spending money on bad starting hands.

Recognizing a great starting hand is one of the first things that any poker player should acquire. Knowing how to take advantage of Texas Hold’em’s greatest opening hands will help you become a winning player.

To properly grasp all of the methods for the best starting hands, some practice is required. Fortunately, owing to the greatest Texas Hold’em sites, you may play this popular game whenever you want.

What Are the Best Texas Hold'Em Starting Hands?

In most poker games, the Royal Flush is the best hand you can acquire. In Texas Hold’Em, however, players begin with only two cards. Before you know your final five-card hand, you must decide whether to invest in the pot.

To make this selection, you must first understand the best starting hands to look for. While each player has their personal favorites, the best hands are usually the ones that provide you the most chance of winning. 

Here are the best Texas Hold’em starting hands:

  • A pair of Aces or “Pocket Aces”
  • Pocket Kings
  • A Pair of Queens
  • Pocket Jacks
  • Ace and King of the same suit
  • A Pair of Tens
  • Ace and King of different suits
  • Ace and Queen of the same suit
  • Pocket Nines
  • Ace and Jack of the same suit

As you can see, the strongest hands either start with a solid pair or provide you a good chance of hitting a Royal Flush. Let’s take a deeper look at the five best Texas Hold’em starting hands.

How to Play Texas Hold'Em Pocket Aces

Pocket Aces is the best starting hand in Texas Hold’em and most other poker games. Starting with a pair of aces puts you ahead of any other player with a lower pair right away.

As a result, players with Aces tend to wager aggressively. This is a sound technique, but it is not without flaws. Some players even claim that in certain scenarios, you should limp with pocket Aces.

Whenever the board shows a straight or a flush, you should wager less aggressively. However, with pocket Aces, the optimal strategy is to build the pot as quickly as possible.

However, increasing the pot too quickly can backfire. Remember, you don’t want to frighten the other players. You should raise the pot fast yet gradually throughout the round so that the other players do not fold too soon. You don’t want everyone else to see that you’ve drawn a winning hand right away.

The Best Texas Hold'em Strategy for a pair of Kings

Starting with a pair of Kings puts you in a strong position before the flop. Pocket Kings, like pocket Aces, provide you a good chance of winning the pot that round.

If you start the round with pocket Kings, you should raise twice before the flop. Begin with a small raise in the hopes that another player will call and raise. This will allow you to raise again, adding to the pot.

If the board falls in your favor, you’ll want to stay aggressive with a pair of Kings. However, pairs are not invincible, so keep an eye out for straights and flushes.

Texas Hold'em Pocket Queens Strategy

Pocket Queens is another excellent beginning hand for Texas Hold’em players. This is the third-highest pair and is difficult to beat without assistance from the board.

As a result, many players with pocket Queens prefer to be aggressive. Your level of aggression should be determined by the board and your position. Slow play from an early position, for example, could help you build up the pot more.

Although a pair of Queens is a great beginning hand, you should avoid multi-way pots. Raising preflop will help you narrow the field. On the flop, you should be on the lookout for Aces or Kings, which could mean doom for your hand.

How to Play a Pair of Jacks in Texas Hold'Em

A pair of Jacks is the fourth best starting hand in Texas Hold’em. This is a decent starting hand, but your strategy should be heavily influenced by your table position. The board will also influence how you play this hand.

Pocket Jacks are a powerful hand, but they might be difficult to anticipate. Aces, Kings, and Queens all outperformed Jacks. You are also vulnerable to lower-ranking starting hands such as Ace-King and Ace-Queen.

Best Texas Hold'Em Strategy for Ace-King Suited

A powerful starting hand does not have to be a premium pair. An Ace and King of the same suit is one of the finest beginning hands for Texas Hold’em players.

To win with an Ace and a King, you will most likely require aid from the board more than any other starting hand on this list. If you don’t get a straight, flush, or pair, you only have the high card.

Starting with an Ace-King suited, on the other hand, puts you in a terrific position to hit a flush or a straight. You’re also just one card away from a very good pair. If the flop does not aid you, it may be better to fold if other players are betting aggressively.

Online Texas Hold'Em Strategies

One of the reasons Texas Hold’em has remained popular is that it is widely available online. Many strategies for land-based games easily translate to online play. However, playing real-money Texas Hold’em online allows players to use new strategies, too.

Make use of a Texas Hold'Em Starting Hands Cheat Sheet

The most obvious advantage of playing Texas Hold’em online is that players have access to more resources. You can, for example, use a Texas Hold’em starting hands cheat sheet. These reference cards will assist you in rapidly determining how to play any starting hand.

A cheat sheet might be very useful for inexperienced players. Veteran players should be able to play any starting hand that comes their way. A well-crafted cheat sheet will instruct players on how to manage each starting hand that they encounter.

Cheat sheets aren’t the only resources available to internet players. Poker calculators and trackers can also be useful when playing. There are also numerous online learning aids, such as poker coaches, that can assist you in learning how to play.

Use Bonuses and Reward Options

Another significant advantage for online poker players is the availability of bonuses and rewards promotions. Many land-based poker sites have reward schemes, but few of them can compete with their online counterparts.

You also do not have to travel to the poker room to redeem your incentives. From the comfort of your own home, you can claim many kinds of bonuses, free tournament entries, and other benefits.

Using bonus money to increase your poker bankroll is an excellent strategy to increase the number of hands you play. These advantages can help new players learn how to play the greatest starting hands in Texas Hold’em. Some poker sites even offer VIP reward schemes that can continue to reward players for years.

Use Only Reliable Online Poker Rooms

When you do decide to enter the world of online poker, make certain that you only use reputable gaming sites. Online poker has been around for decades, so there are plenty of options.

The finest poker sites provide players with a wide range of tables to choose from, including popular variants such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. They also use cutting-edge security tools to keep gamers’ information secure.

Finding the best online poker room can be difficult, particularly for beginner players. Fortunately, our poker experts have spent years conducting research for you. For the finest online poker experience, we recommend using sites like Newport World.


How Do You Play the Best Texas Hold’Em Starting Hands? Having a plan for the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em will enable you to capitalize on your advantageous starting position. Both live and online poker players must prepare for these eventualities. The advice provided above will assist you in making the most of a strong opening hand.