League of Legends Betting Stats: How to Improve Your Win Rate

There’s nothing like routinely winning League of Legends betting. Consistency is difficult to achieve when betting on esports in general, let alone on a game as complex as League of Legends. However, with a little extra time and work, you may significantly increase your chances of success. However, you’ll have to rely on League of Legends betting statistics. You’ll have to rely on LoL betting websites that supply such information, and let’s just say locating them and understanding what they have to offer aren’t easy tasks.

What exactly is League of Legends?

Riot Games’ League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that is hosted on the Garena client server in the Philippines. The game was inspired by the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, also known as “DotA.”

Every match consists of ten players who are evenly divided into two teams and control a set of unique characters known as “Champions.” There are three lanes to reach the game’s main objective, and eSports pros commonly play their Champions in one of five roles: top laner, middle laner, jungler, attack damage carry (adc), and support.

The goal is straightforward: be the first team to destroy the enemy team’s nexus (a crystal deep within each team’s base). This may be performed in a variety of ways, making each match surprising and unique.

The Most Important League of Legends Betting Stats

To begin, here are the most essential League of Legends betting data available. After reviewing them, we will lead you through the sites that provide such statistics. Let’s get started:

Pools of Champions for Players

First and foremost, what is the most crucial factor to consider while discussing League of Legends betting statistics? Given the sheer amount of possible champions and their raw impact on games, it’s easy to see how essential they are in the broader scheme of LoL esports.

However, a simple equation stating “the more the merrier” is not the best measure of quality in this situation. To fully grasp this, you must comprehend what each champion performs as well as their counters. This is required so that you can determine whether players’ picks are superior in single or dual lane battles. Without this understanding, players’ champion pools are basically meaningless.

Recent Statistics

Recent results should not be assumed! Form is a dangerous thing in competitive disciplines, whether it’s traditional sports or esports. Wins bring more wins; failures bring more defeats… it’s just how things work.

Form, on the other hand, is only temporary, so don’t just gaze at it and draw a conclusion. Other League of Legends betting statistics are quite important. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Champion Compositions of Teams

To better comprehend how two teams might play against each other, consider not only their previous results and head-to-head matches, but also their champion pools, metrics, and overall gameplay.

The simplest way to express this is “consider the big picture,” yet beginners can’t do it well since they lack experience. If you’re familiar with competitive setups, it won’t take long to figure out the fundamentals behind teams’ prospective champion compositions. However, if you’re not Platinum and your League of Legends betting career is just getting started, you’re in for a difficult ride.

Different Playing Styles

This is related to the previous point in that it is not an easily quantifiable statistic. Instead, it relies around you understanding how each team will play based on their hero pools and normal team composition.

In other words, you must estimate whether they will take a more passive strategy or an aggressive lineup centered on early game pushes and ganks.

This isn’t as useful for projecting moneylines as it is for predicting specials like our favorite “total game length over/under.” The odds are usually against you, so keep this one in mind.

Recent Head-to-Head Outcomes

Finally, in order to conclude this section on LoL betting statistics, we must discuss recent head-to-head results. In general, recent outcomes only represent half of the picture. To better understand how two teams compare to one another, examine their most recent head-to-head performances featuring their roster core.

Several elements are at work in this case. It is critical to consider not only recent head-to-head results, but also games won in those matchups, team compositions, and lane performance. It’s difficult to explain, but you must consider the full picture rather than relying solely on one aspect – head-to-head wins.

Stats for Players

Let us not overlook what may be the most crucial factor: the stats of the players. We’re talking about raw data here, the most crucial stuff like creep score (which varies depending on location), kills, deaths, KDA, and assists.

There are numerous additional, less famous League of Legends betting stats; these are simply the most crucial ones to remember. But that is not the end of our work. In terms of finding these League of Legends betting statistics, we still need to show you the ropes.

Best Websites for Finding League of Legends Betting Stats

To boost your League of Legends betting outputs, you’ll need to visit three different websites. These are their names:

Fandom of LoL

League of Legends Fandom is League of Legends’ Liquipedia. Don’t get me wrong, the LoL Liquipedia hub exists, but if you want the most recent news and updates in one spot, LoL Fandom is the place to go.

It provides information on all League of Legends events, current and former. Almost all professionally played LOL matches have outcomes and access to extensive statistics.

The sheer volume of statistics makes the entire program a little difficult to use. If this is your first time utilizing LoL Fandom, expect a high learning curve. But once you’ve mastered it, it’ll feel like the back of your hand.


Reddit, indeed! Whatever your feelings about the internet’s first page, its League of Legends match coverage is amazing. Not only are detailed numbers for every match played throughout the most popular League of Legends regional championships (e.g. LEC, LCS, etc.) available, but there are also conversations from devoted fans (and bettors) that provide further insight into the games.

Obviously, watching the highlights or, better still, the entire event is the ideal scenario, but if you don’t have the time and still want to bet on a match afterwards, checking out the stats and conversations on Reddit is the next best thing.

Games of Legends

Games of Legends Esports, often known as gol.gg, is the third and final website that provides comprehensive League of Legends betting data. When we say “detailed,” we mean it! It not only gives individual player builds, CS, and KDA, but also gold and damage distribution, gold graphs, global objective team fights, vision, and jungle sharing. That’s pretty much all you need to know in order to draw appropriate judgments for any given match.

Best League of Legends Betting Site in the Philippines in 2023

Betonline Sportsbook And Casino

BetOnline has been the #1 choice for eSports bettors all over the world due to its quick payouts, dependable service, and excellent reputation. BetOnline provides more eSports betting lines than most of its competitors, and the site combines this with a reputable and legal betting service. You can discover betting lines for League of Legends, Tekken, DOTA 2, and more games at BetOnline.

Since its inception in 2004, BetOnline has delivered a high-quality betting service. Navigate to the online sportsbook to get eSport betting lines.

SportsBetting AG

SportsBetting AG is one of the most well-known online sportsbooks in the world, and in addition to their sportsbook, they also have an extensive online casino. BetOnline purchased the SportsBetting brand in 2012 and has since helped it become one of the most popular online betting sites on the market.

SportsBetting AG and BetOnline AG are fairly comparable, and both sites provide similar bonus and promotional deals, as well as a variety of casino alternatives. SportsBetting and BetOnline are both available in the Philippines and offer a wide range of online casino games for wagering.


League of Legends betting entails much more than simply picking a team and entering your desired stake. Sure, you may do it that way if you enjoy wasting money. If you want to regularly come out on top, you must take a more systematic approach. You must begin utilizing League of Legends betting statistics to your advantage!

Finally, League of Legends betting is another opportunity for gamers, viewers, and bettors to connect with matches taking place in the Philippine and international eSports pro scene. The Nationals, the Philippines’ first professional eSports league, demonstrates that eSports is indisputably popular in this area of the world.