How to Find the Best RTP of Online Casino Games

RTP of online casino games is calculated using a ratio that compares players’ winnings from slot machines. Online gaming provides much more information on return on investment (ROI) than land-based casinos. In fact, the available RTP can be found by visiting the pay table/info section of many online casino games. Playing online casino games can be both entertaining and financially rewarding. The key is to know which games have the best chance of winning, as determined by the Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

There are numerous casino games to choose from, ranging from casino table games to real online slots. By determining the RTP of online casino game, you increase your chances of success. Understanding it is therefore critical. Plus, who doesn’t want to play the games that have the best chance of winning?

Furthermore, it enables you to understand your limits. For example, if you’re playing online slots and don’t seem to be winning, you can switch to another game with a higher or similar RTP instead of putting more money in. RTP, on the other hand, is a long-term average, which means that if you play games with a high RTP over time, the odds will eventually be in your favor.

When calculating an RTP of online casino game, several factors must be considered, including average bets, average rewards, and payout range. Essentially, you divide the win and turnover totals from a game.

For example, if a game has 1,780 in wins with a 2,000 turnover after 20 days, the RTP of online casino can be calculated as follows:

1,780 ÷ 2,000 = 0.89

Based on this calculation, we can determine that the RTP is 89%. Real online slots can have an RTP of 94%, which is considered a high chance of winning.

To know the RTP of online casino games is extremely useful when determining payback for a specific game. It does, however, only provide the RTP of online casino game.

You might be interested in learning about the absolute highest-paying online casino games. In this case, you can use the following recommendations to find the best RTP.

1. Search for the Right Phrases

The best-paying games are rarely advertised on the homepage of most online casinos and mobile casino gambling apps. After all, they’re out to defeat you.

That being said, you’ll need to conduct your own research using Google and/or another search engine. To find what you’re looking for, you’ll also need to use the right phrases.

Here are some examples of what to look for when looking for the best-paying mobile slots:

“Best paying online slots”

“Slots with the highest RTP”

“Slots with 99% RTP”

Here are some phrases to consider when looking for mobile baccarat games:

“The best online baccarat game”

“The highest RTP Baccarat”

“Which online baccarat game is the most profitable?”

Needless to say, other search terms may yield better results. However, these examples are intended to provide ideas on how to find high-paying games. The goal is to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

2. Look for Lists of the Best Paying Games

You should look for websites that list that has a high RTP of online casino games.

Affiliates are the most likely sources of this information. If you are familiar with online casino affiliates, you will know that they provide reviews, articles, and other resources.

They may even conduct research and compile lists of the most lucrative slots and other games. These lists are extremely useful and can significantly reduce the amount of time spent searching for high RTP.

3. Know Which Games Typically Pay the Most

Certain online casino game categories pay out more than others. Blackjack and video poker, for example, are frequently the highest-paying options.

There are, however, various variations of these games. That being said, you can’t just pick a blackjack or video poker variant at random and expect a high RTP. You must still conduct research.

Knowing the game categories that pay ahead of time, on the other hand, provides a shortcut. Furthermore, this knowledge reduces the guesswork involved in determining the best payback.

4. Check Out Pay Tables at Your Favorite Online Casino

Maybe you don’t want to sign up at a half-dozen casinos just to play the highest-paying games. Instead, you could simply look for the best options at your favorite casino. In this case, you can conduct your research on the same gaming site. You only need to open games and look at their pay tables/information screens.

Of course, you probably don’t want to launch every single game—especially if your favorite casino has a large selection. Here are some suggestions for shortening the time it takes to find high RTP of online casino games:

  • In the game section, look for an RTP filter; some online casinos offer this option.
  • Concentrate on your favorite categories of games, such as slots or video poker.
  • You could research a sample of 10 to 15 games if you’re looking through slots, which typically number in the hundreds at casinos. Then you simply select the highest-paying slots from that sample.
  • Concentrate on games with the highest payback history. Blackjack and video poker are always at the top of the list.

With the advice provided above, you should be able to locate a plethora of high-paying mobile casino games. However, you might also want to know what kind of RTP to expect. Here’s a look at what’s possible with mobile casino payout percentages.


At 98.94%, the banker bet has the highest RTP in baccarat. This payout percentage is unrivaled in baccarat. As a result, you can play real money baccarat at any online casino and expect a 98.94% RTP.


The payout percentages in blackjack vary quite a bit. Its RTP ranges from 98.5% to 99.8% in mobile casinos. This guide will help you find the best-paying online blackjack games quickly.

Caribbean Stud Poker

By far the worst-paying mobile casino game is Caribbean stud. Even with perfect strategy, it only provides 94.78% payback.

When a progressive jackpot increases significantly, this game can theoretically deliver more than 100% RTP. This higher payout percentage, however, will not be realized unless you win the jackpot.

Craps/Dice Game

Craps, by default, offers up to 98.64% RTP via the don’t pass line bet. You can, however, increase the payback by using “odds.” After a point number is established, odds can be wagered behind either a pass line or a don’t pass line bet.

However, odds are not available in every online craps game. Those who do will, however, accept odds of up to 2x or 3x. When used in conjunction with a don’t pass line bet, 2x and 3x odds increase the RTP to 99.54% and 99.66%, respectively.


American, European, and/or French roulette can be found in online casinos. The latter has the highest RTP of these games, at 98.65%. However, to benefit from French roulette’s 98.65% payback, you must place even-money bets. Otherwise, your RTP will be 97.3%.

In fact, this is the exact payout percentage that European roulette provides. Meanwhile, the American version only provides a 94.74% payback.


The average online slot has an RTP of around 96%. Rare games, on the other hand, can provide up to 99% payback or higher.

The volatility of slot payout percentages is the only issue. Due to the volatility of mobile slots on apps, you may not notice the higher RTP until after numerous spins.

Video Poker

Hundreds of video poker games are sometimes available at online casinos. If you’re feeling lost, go straight for a 9/6 Jacks or Better game with a 99.54% RTP.

Certain variations of video poker can pay even more. At 99.92% RTP, Microgaming’s All Aces is the best-paying version we’ve ever seen.


There are numerous options for finding online casino games that pay well. Search engines, guides/lists, and pay tables are all useful tools for locating high-paying games. Of course, if the developers restrict access to your country, you may not be able to play all of these games.

Nonetheless, you should be able to access a good selection of the highest-paying slots and table games. In the long run, this allows you to win more money.