How to Choose the Best Online Betting Esports Bonuses


Yes, traditional bookmakers offer esports bonuses, but they pale in comparison to their online bookmakers’ competitors.
There are numerous advantages to betting on esports for real money online. Some are apparent, such as the comfort of your own house and peace of mind. However, some may not be evident to the untrained eye. One of the most significant benefits that online esports betting firms have over traditional bookmakers is their Esports bonuses.

Online Bookmakers Offer Various Esports Bonuses

There are various different types of bonuses available for your esports bets. Of course, welcome incentives are the most well-known and widely publicized. However, there are a number of extra esports bonuses when betting that you may not be aware of.

These are their names:

1. Esports Free Bets

Yes, there are free bets on esports bookmakers. They are not common, but they are basic and easy to understand for newbies. Free bets esports bonuses function in a straightforward manner: you put a wager on an esports line, and if you win, you receive the cash… but if you lose, you receive your stake back as bonus funds.

Obviously, these bets are normally limited to a small amount. We’re talking about $5 to $20 here, rarely more.

2. Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are by far the most common offer on the great majority of online bookies. They’re quite straightforward to grasp. If a bookmaker offers a 100% first deposit bonus up to $200 for newly established accounts, it might imply a $200 boost for your first/next esports betting campaign. That’s a total of $400 for a $200 deposit.

How does this function? It’s easy:

★ You put down $200.
★ You have completed the registration procedure.
★ You will receive an additional $200 in bonus cash.

If you deposit $300, you will still receive $200 because the deal is capped at that amount. Keep in mind that welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, with some exceeding $1,000.

But there has to be a catch, right?

There is, however, a turnover, which is effectively a mechanism that assures bettors spend esports bonuses funds for a large number of bets before being able to pay them out.

3. Bonuses with No Deposit

This type, as the name implies, does not require users to deposit cash in order to receive bonus funds in their bankroll. All you have to do to get this one is sign up for an account, authenticate your email and identity, and you’ll be rewarded with bonus cash.

But don’t believe that’s the end of it. The fact that no deposit incentives generally have near-impossible turnover criteria and extra restrictions is a significant disadvantage. If you’re looking for a genuine esports bonuses for betting, no deposit offers are probably not for you.

4. Esports Reload Bonuses

In principle, reloads are the same as welcome bonuses, except that they target existing customers rather than freshly registered ones. Everything is the same – deposit percentages, maximum caps, and rollover criteria differ from bookie to bookie.

For further information and to avoid mistakes, carefully read the bonus Terms and Conditions before depositing a big sum of money.

5. Bonuses Unique to Esports

Some bookmakers go out of their way to provide suitable esports bonuses to its players. They include promotions that are specialized to esports. This is essentially a separate bonus for the most popular esports betting markets. To put it another way, one for CSGO, one for Dota 2, and one for Valorant. These are often set up as free bets or reload bonuses tied to the next bet placed.

Things to Consider When Using Online Esports Bonuses

Here are some broad guidelines to follow when investigating various forms of esports bonuses:

They are usually limited to a certain amount.

As previously stated, some esports bonuses are capped at a specific amount. We’re mostly talking about deposit bonuses, namely welcome and reload bonuses. The offer’s focal point is the cap, for example. Up to $200 in first deposit.

The cap in this scenario is $200.

Because the bonus is 100% of your initial deposit, if you deposit $200, you will receive the same amount in your bonus bankroll. However, if you deposit $300, you will only receive $200 in bonus funds because the deal is restricted at that amount.

Pay Close Attention to Minimum Withdrawals

When you manage to bet the required amount of money and still have money to withdraw, you may run into a problem. If you have $15 in your bonus bankroll after meeting your turnover criteria, for example, you won’t be able to withdraw it if the bookie’s minimum withdrawal limit is set at $20 or $50.

On the plus side, these minimum withdrawal amounts differ depending on the payment type. Still, it may be an issue for certain folks, therefore we must mention it.

They have turnover requirements

You will not be able to withdraw the bonus funds after they have been added to your betting account. of course, that is the first thought that most newbies have. However, bookmakers have a simple mechanism in place to ensure that the various sorts of esports bonuses for betting they offer are not abused.

It’s fairly simple: all bookies have turnover requirements that players must meet before they can withdraw their funds. Assume you receive $100 in bonus funds with a 10x turnover. This means that you must bet at least $500 before you can withdraw your bonus funds.

Keep an eye out for other restrictions

In some (extreme) circumstances, the bookmaker may impose extra restrictions on the various sorts of esports bonuses they offer. Some benefits, for example, may only be available if you’ve placed a CSGO bet. The same is true for other marketplaces, such as LoL and Valorant betting.

These limitations are usually mentioned on the primary promotional page. However, if you’re not careful, you might believe you’ll get the bonus for betting on other markets as well. It’s just something to keep in mind in the future.


There are so many online bookies that accept Dota 2, LoL, and CSGO bets that keeping track of their bonuses is impossible. However, there are esports bookmakers guideline should be of use.

It will track the most generous esports bookmakers on a weekly basis, so you’ll always have a fresh batch of quality esports bonuses for betting to choose from. Keep an eye for the guide if you’re looking for ways to increase your bonus cash!